I started my studio experience at Westlake Recording Studios in Hollywood, continued my career at Glenwood Place Studios alongside chart topping artists and worked with the best producers in rock and indie music over 6 years at NRG Recording.

My musical journey began as a drummer at an early age, playing in punk and hardcore bands in the Florida panhandle. In high school I got a guitar and started learning the 4 chords needed for pop punk. Since then I have had the privilege of touring the world as the guitarist for Spanish Love Songs.

Having credited producing, engineering, and mixing releases under Pure Noise, Metal Blade, A-F Records, Uncle M Music, Nuclear Blast, and Wiretap Records, I'm incredibly comfortable working with artists at any stage of their career. I'm a firm believer in capturing the raw emotion behind a song, and I put this above all else. Half studio perfectionist, half punk rock naturalist, I combine the two while never losing focus on the only thing that matters, the music.